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Introducing…Naída CI Q70

December 14, 2013

It was an ordinary sleepy day at work when I unexpectedly received an email from my Audi (‘Audiologist’ to the uninitiated) that absolutely made my day.

Audi: “Guess what I just saw in the stock room for YOU?”
Me: “Naída!! Please tell me it’s Naída! Yay!! :-D”

At this point I became slightly concerned it might not be the Naída and I was getting all worked up for nothing so I tempered my excitement whilst I waited with baited breathe for her reply…then it came:

Audi: “Correct!!!!! Yipee!”
Me: “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! OMG!! Feel like I just won the lottery!! Yippeeeee!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow :-D”

Physically at this point, whilst sitting at my desk at work, I’d started behaving like a drugged up monkey, arms flaring about and going, literally as though someone just told me I won the lottery!
To say I was super excited and so happy about getting the Naída CI Q70 sound processor from Advanced Bionic is an understatement. I was over the moon and back!
Anyone who knows the NHS knows it’s not easy getting the newest shiniest CI gadget on the NHS. Nevertheless, God bless the NHS and God bless all the taxpayers (including myself) who make this possible!

I spent my entire lunch hour that day digesting everything I could on the Naída from AB website and reading what I could find on the experiences of others. Even the negative experiences couldn’t temper my enthusiasm then. All it did was tell me what I needed to be aware of, be prepared for the possibility and start researching solutions just case. I had every intention of making sure that me and my Naída were on course for nothing but smooth sailing, so help me God!

So far so good! I can barely feel Naída behind my ears – it’s that light! And after years of wearing sound processors that I was consciously aware of behind my ears, this is such a pleasure in that regard alone.

Sadly, I’m yet to receive the comPilot which would make more features available with the Naída but hopefully at my 3-month review, I should know more regarding this.

I like the fact that on the Naída there are no knobs for volume control or switches to flick up or down to change the program as was the case with the Harmony. It’s all just push buttons. Sure, it’s initially disappointing with the delay experienced when changing from one program to the next but I’m already used to that now and it doesn’t seem like such a lengthy delay as it did in the beginning.

Regarding music – I’m still trying to find a long-term workable solution for using in-ear buds rather than over-ear headphones. The t-mic on the Naida is so flexible that I can presently use  in-ear buds with it but I’m worried I might do long-term damage to the t-mic if I continue like that so I haven’t fully adopted that method. Some people said they are able to use earphones like a hearing person would and still hear music because it sips through the back of the earphones. I guess that may be true for some types of earphones but mine at the moment doesn’t appear to be one of those.

At the end of the end of the day, I can’t do without music on the go so I may just opt for the most comfortable and smallest over the ear headphones I can find. Any suggestions welcome!

The new sounds I have acquired since my re-implantation switch on isn’t that much different on the Naída vs Harmony. There are some differences such as sometimes I perceive sounds are too loud so I’m constantly turning the volume down and then back up again…I’m still trying to work out whether it’s the environment I am at that is the cause rather than the possible sensitivity of the t-mic and/or processor mic.

Finally the batteries – apparently these last 13+ hours per cell! Bye bye to carrying spare batteries with me or my battery dying on me unexpectedly in mid-conversation like I wrote here! I will deliberately time my battery usage to see exactly how much life mine is giving me to start with.

I’m on the Hearing Journey website a lot more now, reading what I can on the experiences / discoveries of other Naída users but if any fellow Naída user is reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts too!

Seasons greetings from me and my Naída!

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

The Feeling remains that God is on the journey too. – Saint Teresa of Avila


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