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Day 26: Hearing in Church

November 12, 2013

worshipIn the post Sound Junkie, I mentioned I would be attending Church for the first time last Sunday and that I was quite apprehensive about it as it would be my first time in Church since the switch on and the new CI. And if you have read my posts to date which attempt to chronicle my journey with the new CI, then you know it hasn’t been an entirely pleasant experience, but it hasn’t been all bad either as you can see here.

The Church environment has been my biggest sound challenge to date – I felt literally attacked from different directions by all sorts of identifiable and unidentifiable sounds. And it was intense! I kept fiddling with the volume control on my CI, moving from the ‘low’ map to the ‘middle’ map and back again in a vain attempt to make the sound experience bearable. This was just the first half of the service – praise and worship session with singing and music as Churches do.

I’ve always loved the praise and worship session of our Church service as I love music and for me, this session is truly where I feel connected with God. It’s where I pour out the contents of my heart to Him and praise Him in complete and utter adoration.

After my experience with music the night before as detailed here, I hoped that my experience of music in the Church environment would also be positive too. I am a bit sad that it wasn’t and for the first time I felt myself enduring the session rather than enjoying it and actively taking part in it. At some point, I felt so much tension in my body from concentrating too hard in identifying sounds that I had to mentally tell myself to relax more than once! My Audiologist did warn me it may be too soon to face the sound environment in Church so it doesn’t entirely come as a surprise how it all went.

It felt good to be back at Church, and because Church is a big and necessary part of my life, I must continue to believe that this will get better with the new CI. So I am going to find ways of making the listening experience in Church something that I can not only enjoy but also use to my advantage as I re-learn sounds.

And I hope any user of the HiRes90K strategy and who attends Church will be able to help a sister out with any tips or advice dearly needed.


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