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Day 23: Sound Junkie…

November 9, 2013

So, I managed to get an appointment with the hospital the very same day I last published a post here. I was so happy! And it was not a wasted trip at all! I wasn’t able to see my usual Audiologist obviously as she was fully booked. The Audiologist I saw is someone I have never seen before but I loved her! She understood immediately what my problem was and she did so well to explain everything to me in a way that I must confess my own Audiologist never did! Long story short, I left there feeling on top of the world! The mapping was re-adjusted and, my friends, I was finally hearing the true strangeness of the new CI! It felt oddly wonderful after 2-days of the world sounding muted and subdued.

I’m a sound junkie! In the words of the audiologist, I’m ‘power-hungry’ – I want to hear more, more, more! Which I guess in a way explained why it really upset me that sounds were too low before. I felt deprived of the one thing I couldn’t live forever without, couldn’t function very well without – sound. I’m so glad I went back for another appointment sooner than later.

Today, after experiencing the social setting of a baby shower, I came home, took a deep breath and decided to listen to music for the first time since my switch on. I picked a music track I was familiar with and pressed play.

At first it sounded like a bunch of shrill sounds, several cats being murdered or someone murdering a cello! It was not immediately pleasant. But I willed myself to keep listening, to push past the shrill effect I was experiencing because I love music and I’ve missed it so much. As I listened, I realised that I was hearing music like never before, hearing instruments that previously eluded me and the voices of the singers (the track has a backing choir) was so beautiful!

The whole experience brought tears to my eyes! No words can express the pure pleasure I felt as I listened to music for the first time through the CI. It was exhilarating! For the first time, I felt like I could understand my husband’s passion for music and the way it would make him behave like a mad man! Lol…I previously thought I was mad about music but I must confess it’s much worse than that!

And the most amazing thing is I can hear when the singer hits a high or low note. What the heck?! The high notes totally killed me! I came undone!!

I was starting to wonder if this new strategy (HiRes90K) which made high pitched sounds more pronounced was such a good thing. But I’m beginning to see the benefits – I’m hearing more than I did before.
For instance, I used to wonder how anyone could hear the vibration of my phone from across a room. Now I can hear it too!
I went to a baby shower today and whilst I was still outside, I could hear the women laughing from the top floor of the house!

It’s like I have stepped into another dimension of sound, a whole different level. I feel like a drugged up junkie listening to music! I’m buzzing! How can music have such a profound effect on me?

Tomorrow is going to be a big test – I’ll be attending church for the first time in a few weeks. I’m a little scared of being attacked by the mass sounds during praise and worship when everything is at the loudest volume. But I have to do it…who knows what that experience will bring?

My name is Doose and I am a sound junkie!

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

                                                                     Music is rocking my world!


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