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Day 21: E go better…

November 7, 2013

betterE go better“, a phrase more common amongst Nigerians (I think. Don’t quote me!), meaning ‘it will be well’ or ‘it will get better’, has been my mantra since activation day.

As I was earnestly trying to make this initial programme bearable, I realised yesterday that something is not right…everything sounds too low. The more I focused on the sounds I was hearing, the more I found myself straining to make things out. Then it hit me – this sounded exactly as if I had turned the volume of the sound processor all the way down. This is something I would do whenever I had a headache or I just felt like some peace and quiet for a bit.
When I listened really hard, I could hear the driver announcing the stop on the train but it was as if the PA system was too low. I only heard the strong syllables and not the fairly quiet ones which still come through over the PA.

Another thing…I went through a full day at work and not once did I need to change the CI battery. How is that possible? I had the sound processor volume on the highest setting and a battery that normally only lasts me 1.5-2hrs lasted a full 7.5hrs and then some?? That was further evidence to me that something was not right.

I really feel the issue here is the programming or setting has been done wrong, something was added or included during the activation or whatever. Maybe the audiologist overlooked something; after all, it is a new system to them which they are still getting to grips with.

I’ve hastily sent off a somewhat desperate and pleading email to the hospital, asking to be seen again ASAP.

I feel a bit better – if the issue is something fixable, things will definitely be better. I don’t care how weird things may sound but as long as it doesn’t sound like someone has turned down the volume on the world stage, I can handle it by God’s grace. Me and my brain.

E go better!

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you. – The Bible


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  1. It’s possible everything is fine, just that your nerves have settled to the mapping, and your brain has acclimated. Sounds like a new mapping and volume boost is needed. This will happen often over the next year until things settle. I still experience it after eighteen months.

    • Did u find u kept needing volume boost almost at every tuning?

      I left my last appointment a week ago feeling happy but over the past few days feels like sounds have gone quieter again & almost like I’ve lost some of the speech perception I noticed I benefited from the high pitched quality of sounds via the new CI… *sighs*

      • Actually yeah, I did. It’s different in the office, than outside etc.I suggest next mapping go outside, to another area to test it out before leaving. If you’re turning your volume up make note

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