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Day 1: My Re-Implantation Surgery Journey…

October 30, 2013

[Written 17th October 2013]

I’m currently sat in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting to be taken up to the ward that will be my home for the next few hours or day. I thought I’d start writing about the journey from this point and hopefully at the same time ease the nerves that are threatening to break forth…

I remember talking briefly (sorry, I probably talked about it on Twitter rather than this blog) about the issues I was having with my current CI and the ‘Integrity Test’ that followed to determine what the issue was. Well, it turned out, a re-implantation would be required as there was no other solution around the problem.

If you’d asked me last year if I would consider going under the knife again for a CI surgery, my answer would have been a resounding ‘heck no!’
I still remember the first surgery, the bandaged head, the pain afterwards, the infected scar, multiple antibiotics, a buffet of painkillers, numerous trips to the hospital after the ‘switch on’…I was just 15 years old and it consumed my life!

So what’s changed? How come I’m sat in the waiting room of the hospital where I first had my implant, about to check in for another round? I got fed up and frustrated, that’s what happened. The number of times I have come close to flinging my CI angrily against the wall in sheer frustration…something had to be done. It was either that or lose my mind!

As nervous as I am, I’m still excited by the prospect of going through this experience again. I’m several years young, I know a bit more about the surgery and I have seen the technology out there and heard the stories of other CI users. I’m keen to see what I make of it this time around…

This is where the old internal components of the CI will surgically be removed and replaced with what I hope is the newest model – an upgrade from a Toyota Corolla to a Lamborgini!

I’m trying not to have too high expectations regarding what sound will be like after this. Heck, I didn’t even ask if I will still be using the current processor. I hope not. I have heard of other processors out there and they sound so much better than what I have now. Anyway, I’m keeping an open mind whilst hoping for the best!

Unlike some bloggers, I’m totally rubbish at blogging my experiences as you can clearly see in the lack of activity on this blog *cringe*
However I will do my best to document this journey and hopefully educate anyone reading (including me!).

Bon voyage! Lol…


Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

“No man ever steps in the same river twice; for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” – Heraclitus


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