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Some thing’s gotta give…

July 2, 2013

ImageI’ve really neglected this blog this year….*sad face*…not for lack of something to write about (there’s been plenty!) but for lack of words and, to be honest, not having the same desire to sit down and break down my thoughts and experiences in black and white. Journalling in my personal life seems to have gone walkabout too…maybe I’m not as ‘deep’ as I used to be?? Haha…

This year has been a year of massive changes. So far…

…Got married……Quit my job……Got a new job…

…and there’s more to come including a re-implantation operation of my cochlear implant. That’s right, I’m finally getting that upgrade of the internal components of my ‘bionic ear’ (aka Cochlear Implant). And I’m pretty apprehensive/nervous about that one so I would rather not write about it just yet…

I really need to get back into this writing swing. This blog cannot become obsolete! There’s still so much I should be writing about but I’m not.

Some thing’s gotta give…!


Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

A woman’s pen is mightier than any sword…but mine wouldn’t kill a fly…

[Image: courtesy of Google Images]


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