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Socializing With Hearing Loss

September 26, 2012

This is one of those posts which if I had written myself, I probably wouldn’t have put it so well! Massive thanks to Chelle for this post – I completely understand what it is talking about because I live it! It has encouraged me to be bolder and do what I can to hold on to the aspect of my character that secretly loves to socialise and meet new people. No more excuses!!

Enjoy reading, guys 😀


Staying Active With a Hearing Loss

Some friends have invited you to dinner. Your heart and spirit are tempted but pessimistic thoughts kick in. Your mind calculates the whole scene before it ever happens. The environment will be noisy and the total concentration is takes to hear will only result in words here and there, especially with so-and-so who never speaks up. Everyone will face different directions as they talk so there’s no hints from lip reading and of course the hearing aids pick up everything but the conversation. It’s easy to see yourself giving up, leaning back to watch it all play out before your eyes not understanding a thing and not feeling a part of it. People will laugh and you’ll be forced to smile without understanding. You will feel more alone at that table with friends than you would at home… and there will be a headache…

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