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Stepping into a new chapter

September 17, 2012

It feels like its been a sweet while since I last went to see my Audiologist for a series of tests, tweaks and pricks (not really, but you get the gist lol). I didn’t think it was possible to miss your Audiologist (not the person per se, but what usually happens when you see them). But yes, here I am feeling slightly abandoned by the CI team at my Hospital!

I remember when I was implanted for the first time; I saw the Audiologists and Speech Therapists every blessed week after the ‘switch on’. Every. Blessed. Week. No joke. I missed a lot of classes because of that. And looking back now, I wonder how I had the patience to go through it all. Tenacity. How many of us are actually aware of our tenacious nature? I think, as God’s creations, we are all tenacious by nature. The difference between those who make it and does who don’t isn’t whether one is more tenacious than the other but quite simply who/what their source of strength is. And even for those who do not yet know their Creator, it depends on how you choose to look at it.

I don’t remember complaining about the frequent visits to the Hospital. Sure, I got tired and felt deeply inconvenienced. But did I complain? Not at all! (I hope!). When you know what the final outcome will be, or rather what you hope it will be, the process is worth it no matter how uncomfortable or difficult. I had to endure all those visits to the Hospital time and time again so that I could make the implant work for me and not the other way round (is that even possible??).

As the years passed, the visits became less and less frequent until finally, I turned 18 and I was officially taken off the Children’s CI department and placed in the Adult unit. By this stage, they expect that they have tweaked your CI as far as it can go and you are finally on a programme that you can live happily with for a good few years…or until your next review. Thinking about this now, I wonder isn’t this somehow similar to how God works when developing us? I’m sure there is a blog post in there somewhere!

Nowadays, the only reason I may find myself in the Audiologist’s office is when I have a particular need or my not-so-little miracle is misbehaving. Or when I drop in to pick up spare batteries. Those babies only last a year in full strength before they begin to depreciate in terms of longevity, so you can imagine I have had A LOT of batteries over the past years as a CI Angel!

Now though, I miss the Audiologist. I miss these visits because it kept me on my toes in terms of my hearing progress and gave me hope that I still had more room to develop as far as the CI was concerned. Without these visits, I become complacent and I settle – or rather, get too comfortable to the point that even when I am no longer getting the maximum from the current programme, I don’t even notice it because I have settled into a comfort zone. Life is not much different, is it?

And as I ponder this, I come to the realisation that we need to keep ourselves from getting comfortable, from settling. This is something I hope we all know. Even the brain needs exercise (when was the last time anyone played Sudoku?? I should get back into that!). It is a big world we live in. There is so much to be enjoyed and experienced, so much to enrich our lives with – and most of it is free!

I sincerely hope that many of you reading this are living life beyond the mundane, daily routine that is so easy to get caught in. I know; I am guilty of this. And as I am facing the beginning of a new story in my life, a brand new chapter filled with hopes and so many possibilities, I ask myself what kind of story do I want? Do I want something that is the same script as now, but a different cast? Absolutely not. I want the best story anyone will ever read. And as I realise this, I finally come to accept that I want nothing short of what God has in mind for me. It is only in His hands that the pen will etch out a story which will reverberate for generations to come. So, Lord, I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know that YOU have brought me this far and there is SO MUCH more You have in store. I want to experience it all. All that You desire for me. However, whenever, wherever, I am saying ‘Yes’ in advance!

And do you know what? I am excited! I am so friggin’ excited because, guys, this new chapter of my life is going to bring with it a fresh set of challenges along my hearing journey! And I look forward to sharing it with you.


Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

~CI Angel – living life, victoriously~

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