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Guest Blogger: John O’Connor

July 21, 2012

Hi guys!

Exciting times ahead! Life has been extremely busy for me and I have not been able to blog as much as I would like to. However this doesn’t mean I am neglecting my blog or forgetting my readers! It’s just more of a challenge these days to find time to sit down and write a post! (Donations for an iPad most welcome!)

In the meantime, it gives me great pleasure to introduce CoBW’s first guest blogger – John O’Connor from Blogging with John O!

John is passionate about raising awareness of hearing loss, the causes and ways to preserve your hearing whilst you still have it. He is new to the blogging scene but has dedicated his blog to hearing loss awareness, regularly posting informative articles relating to hearing loss. I find this passion and dedication truly inspiring and it is a pleasure to welcome him to this blog.

John is here to tell us a bit about himself and why hearing loss is such an important subject to him.

CoBW: Hi John! Firstly, thank you for expressing an interest in Chronicles of a Bionic Woman. Raising the profile of hearing loss, its causes and prevention appears to be very important to you. Why is this? 

John: Hi all, My father and grandfathers along with many other family members and friends suffer from hearing loss. I feel that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue of hearing loss and it is our job to spread awareness on hearing loss, the causes and ways to prevent or further protect yourself from hearing loss.

Below is a word of advice from John. Take heed!

Hearing Loss: Detection and Prevention

Hearing loss can strike at any particular age, meaning that both young and old are susceptible to a loss of hearing. However, hearing loss can be prevented. By taking helpful steps, certain causes of a loss of hearing can be inhibited, and almost all types of hearing loss can be prevented. With a few lifestyle changes and smart choices, people can live with the ability to hear for their entire lives. To have a healthy hearing ability, individuals need to avoid the major causes of hearing loss. To be able to recognize the causes behind hearing loss, one must first have a better understanding of the types of hearing loss.

Types of Hearing Loss

The types of hearing loss are conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss. In conductive hearing loss, a force does not allow sound waves to travel to the nerves, keeping sound from being recognized by the brain. This may affect only one ear and can be caused by ear wax, ear infections, or ear trauma. Any disease that involves the ear drum, ear canal, or bones in the middle ear can also cause conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss often can be cured.

Sensorineural hearing loss, however, is much harder to correct. This type of hearing loss is caused by damage in the inner ear nerves or in any of the nerves that allow sound to pass to the brain. The nerve damage can only be helped by a hearing aid. This type of damage can come from injury, infection, overexposure to noise, or harmful medication.

These two types of hearing loss can mix together when a person who has nerve damage also develops an ear infection. With this combination, hearing suddenly worsens.

How To Prevent Hearing Loss

The number one way to avoid hearing loss is to cut down on noise exposure. Sound is measured in decibels, with the normal speaking voice being around 45 decibels and fireworks being around 115 decibels. Noise above 85 decibels, close to that of traffic, can cause damage to ears. This insinuates hearing loss and should be avoided. Simple ways to reduce the chance of hearing loss include:

  • Reduced exposure to loud noise
  • Low volume on music players
  • Application of ear plugs at events such as firework shows
  • Protection of ears during physical activity (such as a helmet during a baseball game)
  • Avoidance of ear infections
  • An audio-gram to ensure knowledge of current hearing

Individuals who experience pain in the ear, pressure in the ear canal, or ringing or other sounds in the ear should see a doctor and ask about hearing problems they may possibly have. Individuals who also notice a sudden change in hearing should report to a doctor. These signs could point to a type of hearing loss that can be prevented.

By seeing a doctor regularly and protecting the ears, an individual can experience a life with a healthy hearing ability. Making certain lifestyle changes and smarter choices can help you protect your hearing in the long run.

There you have it, folks! Some sound advice from John and believe me, as much as I no longer despise my hearing loss, it is not something I would wish on anyone! So please, take heed and protect your hearing today. Don’t take it for grant because when you lose it, you will truly miss it but by then it may be too late!

Thank you once again, John.

You can read more articles from John at his blog Blogging With John O


Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

~Prevention is better than cure~


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