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Notes from my Journal…

June 14, 2012

image As I am crying out to Him for healing and restoration, I cannot allow myself to focus solely on the situation. My eyes and mind must look to and meditate on His promises all night and all day long. As I do, the very thing that I meditate on and believe will come to pass. I can do this with peace of mind because I know that He cares for me and does not want me to feel pain or loss.

He hears my prayers and has begun processing me long before I was aware I needed to be! So knowing this, I should rest confidently and peacefully in His arms and allow Him to process me, whilst communicating with Him at all times, never pretending to be anything other than what He has created me to be and being honest about how I am feeling, no matter how negative. Like David, acknowledge my failures and the battles within my mind and spirit, but always remembering God’s promise to deliver me.

What are the promises of God that I can claim and meditate on daily? I must rest on His promises!!

Dear God, I am feeling overwhelmed BUT You have said in Your word that You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You. If and only if my mind is stayed on You (Your promises, Your word), will I experience peace through this process that You are taking me through. Only when my mind is stayed on You will I have the grace and the patience to see this through and allow You to do what You need to do in me to make me strong and whole again. Praise the name of the Lord!

Left to ourselves, no way! But with the promise that God will replace the pain with Himself – His presence, His power, His very life – we can “forget what lies behind.”


Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

~ Pressing forward…relentlessly ~

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