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A Letter of Thanks…

December 28, 2011

As 2011 draws magnificently to a close, I’d like to give God thanks for everything and more this year. Sure, I can’t cover everything because there are some things we are not even aware of, but I can try! This is part 1 of my letter of thanks to my Heavenly Father as posted on A Day in God’s Will.


Day 28: Thanksgiving and Praise

Dear Lord,

I want to thank You for waking me up every morning. Thank You for keeping me safe at night whilst I sleep. Thank You for commanding Your angels to guard and keep watch over me and steer me from harm’s way. Thank You for the air that gives the breath and life, for the sun that warms us and for the good food that makes us strong. Thank You for happy homes and for the friends we love and for all that makes it good to live!

Thank You for work and the ability to work and to do a job well done. Thank You that in all the labour there is profit of one kind or another according to Your word in Proverbs 14:23. Thank You for the abilities You have given me and the doors of opportunity to use my skills and closing the doors that I am not to go through.

Thank You for wisdom and the knowledge of how to use the wisdom You give to us from above. Thank You for Your Word that is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. It is food to my very soul and I cannot live without it. Thank You that Your Word contains everything I need to live this life and it even helps me to improve my speech! Thank You, Lord, that when I look into Your Word, I find You.

Thank You for the Blood, for the Cross and for the forgiveness of sins. Thank You for suffering and dying on the Cross for me, and for rising again to defeat death and hell. Thank You that my enemy is defeated because of what You have done. Thank You that You have given me authority over him according to Luke 10:19. Thank You that even though the enemy tries to take me captive to do his will, You have given me the power to escape his snares completely (2 Timothy 2:26). Thank You that You have delivered me from him (Psalm 18:17) and You are my shield because I live Your way. Thank You that I will never be brought down by the enemy as long as I stand strong in You.

Thank You, Lord, that I do not have to be afraid of bad news because my heart is steadfast, trusting in You. Thank You that You have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from falling (Psalm 116:8). Thank You that I walk before You with hope in my heart and life in my body. Thank You that I shall not die by live and declare the works of the Lord!

Thank You for a year of unprecedented and amazing blessings and favour. Thank You for the people whom have crossed my path and for those who are no longer in my life. Thank You for closure and healing from past hurts and heartbreak. Thank You for wisdom – that keeps me protected from future hurts. Thank You for my car, the flat, my community, my country (both of them!) and my fellows.

Thank You for the experiences that are never wasted with You and for the blessings of living with a hearing loss.

As I present my basket offering of thanksgiving and praise for this at Your feet, I pray that it is sweet-smelling and acceptable in Your presence this day.  May Your name be forever glorified, honored and praised. Amen

Forever Yours,

Doose (on behalf of ADIGW)

Beautiful people, this is your invitation
What are you thankful to God for this year and this day?
Place your basket of Thanksgiving and praise in the ‘Comments’ section at A Day in God’s Will.

Make an awesome day thanking God for His faithfulness in your lives.

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

“… And be thankful.”  ~ Colossians 3:15b (NIV)

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