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Being Thankful…

December 27, 2011

Throughout December 2011, it has been 31 Days of Thanksgiving and Praise over at A Day In God’s Will where I work collaboratively with its fantastic owner and resident Writer Remi Banjo; a truly inspirational and uplifting blog that covers issues from all walks of life.

Day 26 of Thanksgiving and Praise, I wrote the following post for A Day In God’s Will. Hop over to the website for more fantastic great reads, a few I was honored to write myself. Wishing you all a truly magnificent end to the year and an awesome New Year in store! May 2012 bring with it every good and wonderful blessings from above to you and yours!

Day 26: 31 Days of Thanksgiving and Praise

“Oh, thank God – he’s so good! His love never runs out.” Psalm 107:1

Happy New Day people!

Today I am thankful I got to see another Christmas – 27 so far and counting!

I am thankful I got to spend the day with the people I love and cherish and who have been nothing but blessings to me and that I got to eat a full traditional English Christmas lunch and still experienced one of my favourite snacks – puff-puff! LOL! No, am not referring to a Teletubby! (Hmmm…I wonder what a Teletubby tastes like! LOL…) Anyone who knows me knows my love for puff-puff goes beyond human reasoning! What can I say? I can never get enough of it!** So yeah, special thanks to my sis Remi for making it happen on Christmas Day; mad puff-puff love coming at ‘cha!

I also just want to say thank You to my Lord for all the Christmases that I have seen and experienced without my immediate family. There have been some Christmases that were hard to go through simply because I was missing my family so much and the separation was almost unbearable. But over the past short years, You have given me a family here in UK in the form of my friends – I can’t imagine life without them and I pray that our friendship and love will continue to be a source of joy to You and glorify You.

I am very thankful for the Bug (my car) this Christmas– he’s been my trusty stead so far, faithfully taking me places and needing no major maintenance.

Thank You Baba, that because of the Bug, I was able to spend Christmas Day with more than one person this year! I pray that I will remain faithful in looking after the Bug.

Today is Boxing Day – I am also thankful that I have not succumbed to the Boxing Day sales! My purse is intact and my finances will have survived the Christmas season! I am looking forward to a bright new start to 2012 free from concerns about a large dent in my bank account! So, I thank You for the spirit of self-control.

Finally, Father, I just want to say thank You for a wonderful Christmas. Thank You for putting gladness in my heart according to Psalm 4:7. All honour and majesty, strength and glory, holiness and righteousness are Yours, Lord! Be glorified!

**Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for excessive weight-gain if anyone tries this snack and becomes attached to it without balancing it with physical exercises!

Ever thankful,


On behalf of ADIGW


Beautiful people, this is your invitation
What are you thankful to God for this year and this day?
Place your basket of Thanksgiving and praise in the ‘Comments’ section at A Day in God’s Will.

Make an awesome day being thankful for seeing and experiencing another Christmas season to celebrate with family and friends the birthday of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank You?”  ~William A. Ward

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